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THAVORN ASIA PROPERTY is a real estate agency based in Pattaya, Thailand, specializing in selling properties. The company has a successful history of six years, during which they have helped numerous clients find and purchase houses in the most picturesque locations of Thailand. The agency is dedicated to working with each client individually, considering their unique preferences and requirements.

The name "Thavorn" in Thai language means "permanent," which reflects the agency's commitment to providing clients with high-quality properties that stand the test of time.

THAVORN ASIA PROPERTY focuses on finding the most profitable options for clients and facilitating the registration of real estate sale and purchase transactions in Pattaya. They believe having as much information as possible on the property location and individual characteristics is crucial for making informed decisions when buying a house or an apartment in one of the city districts. The agency's knowledgeable staff will answer all client questions and provide them with all the necessary details to ensure a smooth buying process.

The team at THAVORN ASIA PROPERTY consists of highly skilled professionals who are experts in legal, financial, and marketing matters related to real estate. They are equipped to navigate any issue that may arise during the buying or selling process, including securing loans or making investments. The agency takes pride in providing exceptional service to clients, making the buying process as stress-free as possible.


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